Keeping Neighborhoods Safe

Senator Huff is a strong proponent of keeping our neighborhoods safe. 


He Co-authored Jessica’s Law to keep sex offenders from living within 2000 feet of a school or park to keep our children safe from sexual predators.


Supported SB 105 to help keep 10,000 dangerous felons in prison and out of our neighborhoods.


Supported Chelsea’s Law (AB 1844-2010) to increase penalties for those who commit sexual crimes against minors.  Chelsea’s law increases monitoring of parolees including GPS monitoring for life.


Supported SB 838 (2014) to crack down on minors who rape an unconscious or developmentally disabled victim.


Authored AB 175 to require law enforcement departments to draft a policy for use of body cameras.


Authored AB 1145 to allow authorities to seize vehicles used in felony-level graffiti crimes and fund graffiti abatement via the sale of impounded vehicles.


Authored SB 1136 so that government organizations could share information on the criminal history of potential foster care providers.


Sadly, neighborhoods are coming under assault again as thousands of felons who used to spend time behind bars, no longer do so as a result of AB 109 and Proposition 47, two measures Senator Huff did not support. Our homeless increase is also tied to these laws, as drug addicts have been released from jails and prisons, but are no longer mandated to seek treatment.