Improved Health Care Services

By supporting AB 415, Huff authorized greater use of technology to monitor heart and diabetes patients at home instead of in hospitals and helped save taxpayers over $1 billion.


Authored SB 151 (2011) that authorizes trained, non-medical school personnel to administer Diastat in an emergency situation to a student with epilepsy when suffering a severe, possibly life-threatening, seizure.  Signed into law.


Worked across party lines to provide full-scope Medi-Cal benefits to pregnant women who can’t afford care.


Helped ensure confidential medical information is protected.


Authored SB 1266 in 2014 requiring schools to store a supply of epinephrine for allergic reactions.  Authored SB 738 in 2015 as clean-up to SB 1266 because some physicians had been unwilling to write the standing order for this prescription to schools without liability protections.  This caused schools and school nurses trouble in complying with the law.  SB 738 provides limited liability for physicians writing these prescriptions.  Both bills signed into law.