Important Issues for Asian Community

Heritage Schools

Successfully authored SB 129 for Heritage Schools offering instruction in the culture, traditions, or history, and language of a country other than the United States, giving the after school programs a pathway toward legality through a registration program with the California Department of Education.


Lunar New Year

Introduced SCR 10 naming February 19, 2015 as the Asian Lunar New Year – Year of the Ram. 


Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

Introduced SCR 52 naming May 2015 as Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month.


Asian American Students Equality in Higher Education

Introduced SR 28 by calling upon Harvard University to end its focus on a student applicant’s race in its student enrollment process and to instead consider the overall individual contribution of each student candidate in a manner that does not have the practical effect of capping the number of Asian American students enrolled in its institution.


Philippine Independence Day

Introduced SCR 74 to recognize June 12th as Philippine Independence